OPENING     September 8 thru October 27, 2016


SHADOW THEMES            The Gallery at Reinstein/Ross

                                           30 Ganesvoort Street

                                           New York


Susan Kasson Sloan

I had worked with metal for a period of time, honing my skills and using cut stones when wanting to add color. Then, in the mid-1980’s, I discovered epoxy resin. Here was a medium that had unlimited design possibilities. It became possible to add color with powdered pigments and collage materials. This was even better than painting on canvas, for after much experimentation, I found I could make molds and reproduce any 3-dimensional texture or design.
I love painting and am always inspired by the greats; Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Francis Bacon, Arshile Gorky, Antoni Tapias, and on and on and on. I can apply all those elements I learned in art school, apply gold leaf or silk screen within the layers of the resin. I can imagine all sorts of possibilities and, hopefully, develop a method for successfully executing them.

I’ve never tired of working with epoxy resin for more than 25 years, and I’m sure I have not reached its limitations.


This show was curated as a result of the extraordinary work submitted to Lark books for 500 PLASTIC JEWELRY DESIGNS. There were 27 international artists represented. The show opened at The Center for Contemporary Craft in Houston on January 16, 2010, and ran through March 21 – including the SNAG Conference, GOING TO EXTREMES March 10-13. From Houston the show went to Facere Jewely Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington May 5 through May 24, then on the Gallery Loupe in Montclair, New Jersey for the month of June.

Look for 500 PLASTIC JEWELRY DESIGNS. Available in September 2009.
“A Groundbreaking Survey of a Modern Material”
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